Analyst+Influencer Relations

Analyst + Influencer Relations

Building dialogues and relationships with elite influencers.

Business-to-Business Communications

Sell products and services while engaging the full spectrum of B2B buyers.

Change + Internal Communications

Undertake change, engage with internal stakeholders, and achieve corporate goals.

Reputation Management

Corporate Advisory

Wisdom and services that make the difference when responding to the new media reshaping our world.

Corporate Communications

Advance and protect your corporate goals, brand or reputation.

H+K Studio

Design Studio

From branding to digital to print, our integrated team of designers and developers can turn your inkling of an idea into a reality.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications

Bring clarity to the digital space and focus on the offline results that drive your business.

Financial Communications

Financial Communications

Attain and maintain investor interest through compelling narrative.

Flight School

Put theory into practice with our fully immersive and realistic crisis simulations.

Governance + Sustainability

Developing reputational equity while improving bottom line performance.

Group SJR

Group SJR, a Hill+Knowlton Strategies company, is a digital consultancy specializing in insights, content creation, curation and audience development.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Increase consumer engagement through insight-rich communication to drive sales and market share.

Media Relations

Enhance standing, achieve shareholder support, improve revenue and attract and retain staff.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

When public policy intersects with business, we provide solutions to shape policy through public opinion.

Research+Data Insights

Research + Data Insights

Delivering metrics and counsel in reputation, communication, issues, and data analytics.

Risk + Crisis Management

Build defenses to withstand attacks, manage crises, and rehabilitate reputations.